Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Monday, 16 January 2017


 On Saturday I couldn't visit my father in law as I had a terribly sore throat and he has no white blood cells to fight infection. So visits are out if you are not 100% fit. So Stephen went on his own.

So, home alone, I planted the window box with some discounted hellebores I had found at the supermarket.

 Creamy white....

....and lemon and lime to brighten the darker end of the porch.

Then I did some weeding in one of the borders.

When these finish flowering they will go into the garden borders at the front of the house.

I knew someone once who said that no self respecting vicar would want to receive this plant from a parishioner as it may be a floral comment on his sermons. (The latin name being helleborus!!)
Similarly, the white rose Rambling Rector would also be cause for concern.

Still makes me smile!


  1. I love creamy hellebores they give pleasure for weeks. Funny thoughts about the names!

  2. Pretty! How fun to be gardening already! We won't be doing so for moooooooonths! Wah! Prayers for your father in law.

  3. So pretty, I'd be glad to get them regardless of their name.

  4. I have hellebores in my garden for the first time ever, and they are so lovely! I have two species, and I think they are both different from yours. Mine that are blooming hang their heads down - I like the way yours stand more upright, and very prettily. :-)

  5. My Hellebores are still under snow but soon.... Like GretchenJoanna commented, mine also hang their lovely heads down. I must look for some that stay up better, like yours.

  6. Thank you all for commenting. It was the perky heads that attracted me as all my other hellebores have droopy heads. I suspect that in their second year of flowering these may also revert to hanging heads.

  7. I have just researched this online and apparently this is a new hellebore with upright flowers.