Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

From the outside looking in.

I am a nosey old beak. I can not resist looking into the cosy lit houses as I return home from my walks. It's ok the above photo is my own home ~ I wouldn't take a photo of other people's  homes ~ I promise! 
But sneaking a peak through the windows I pass reminds me of looking at the quiet scenes in a dolls' house. Seeing just a silent snapshot of another person's domestic life appears to place it in some sort of suspended animation.
Often the rooms appear empty as it is usually around tea time and I guess people might be in the kitchen preparing a meal. And I guess many people close the curtains when they sit in a room to stop nosy beaks like me gawping in.
In many houses the tv is on.
At this time of year, twinkling Christmas lights add to the snug atmosphere.

It occurred to me that just lately my life has been lived from the outside looking in. Watching others living their lives as I recuperate. Watching the busyness and excitement of other people's work and social lives.
(It's amazing how many people visiting a sick person unburden their, often quite trivial, problems on the sick person. Sick person equates to Agony Aunt to many.)
One would expect this to be a sad melancholy experience but it hasn't been like that all. The stillness and calm has been good but can not last forever. Soon I shall return to the fray but with an inner calm sorely won but welcomed.


  1. I like to loo in other people's Windows too, can't help myself. Hope 2017 is a healthier year for you. Love the term m Agony Aunt

  2. I dont do buses any more but remember vividly sitting in them and looking at the houses lit up with curtains open and seeing into their lives. As someone with a great sense of humour Lynne enjoy.

  3. This post is thought-provoking in different ways - first, I thought of a poem by Sally Thomas in her collection Brief Light. The poem is "Lamplight" and describes her experience of going outdoors one night and looking in the window of her own house.

    I couldn't find my copy of the book, and I saw that now the slim paperback costs a LOT on Amazon - then I remembered that I had bought extras to give as gifts back when they cost under $20, so I rummaged through boxes and found the book and the poem. Yes, it's still good :-)

    Then, I wondered about why people would tell a sick person their woes... Do I do that? Maybe they are afraid to talk about all the fun and healthy energy they have, in the presence of someone who can't enjoy those. They might not know that from your vantage point of "stillness and calm," the cheerier side of their busy lives still looks like The Fray.

    May God strengthen you day by day.

    1. Thank you 😊
      I think maybe I encourage others to talk because I do not say what I have been doing because trying out a new recipe or doing something homey seems boring to others so I say "tell me what you've been doing" and so they tell me !!
      I also get people saying, "I've.had such a bad week since I last saw you" and then tell me all about it!

    2. Thanks for referencing the poem ~ I hadn't hear of Sally Thomas so have just looked at her work ~ thank you.

  4. God be with you as you grow stronger, good Lynn!
    I like to peek in houses, too.

  5. I love to look into people's homes too. And into their lives via their blogs. Each of us has our story...I pray your health will improve and 2017 will be a much better year for you.