Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Monday, 24 November 2014

November came and has nearly gone!

November has been a bit of a busy blur! Busy but happy.

Several hospital appointments - all good - my consultant is thrilled I am well enough to want to be in work again. I am thrilled too!

I have had two training days for my new job and go into school three times a week to get to know the children. The rest of the time I seem to spend on teacher paperwork - getting to know this new school's systems. I have also done a lot of  "BIG" jobs in the house that I want to get done before term starts when homey time will be limited. Yesterday we had the glorious BIG job of getting rid of some mouldy areas in the ensuite bathroom, tackling the cause of the damp and then painting  - lovely! ??

I always think that teachers can be totally obsessed with teaching to the neglect of relaxing time and hobbies. I have resolved to carry on crafting and going on our weekly walk.

So on the crafting front I have one completed blanket. This is HUGE - big enough to go on our king size bed. But now it is done I am not sure about the colours (too much navy?)so it may be off to someone in Eastern Europe care of the Link to Hope charity.

Now the next blanket I really really like and this will be a keeper....

Started last week it is still teeny tiny - more of a scarf than a blanket!

A close up of the  blurry blues.....

And in an attempt to be better organised another bag has been made. 

Hope everyone is hale and hearty.
First frost this morning - keep warm!
 As always, much love.


  1. We had our first frost here this morning. Very pink sky and white garden!
    So glad you are well enough to work with the school now.

  2. No frost yet, but colder. Another chest infection. Thinking positive its been longer between and not quite as bad so far.

  3. No frosts as tet, but colder. Another chest infection, but longer between, and so far not as bad.

    1. Take care Jill - am working on a letter.