Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Monday, 29 September 2014


Our recent trip to Wales did become a bit of a bucket list "ticker - offer" session. Quite unintentional, but that's how it went. As we sat in the hotel, one evening, looking at tourist stuff and maps I realised how close we were  to Portmeirion which I have always wanted to visit. 

In the 60's they filmed The Prisoner there. I am old enough to remember but don't - so I asked my mom and she said she & Dad had never watched it - hence why I don't remember the programme. 

But I have seen Portmeirion on TV and have always wanted to visit.

I suppose it is a kind of folly , yet is so much more than that. Sir Clough Williams-Ellis  decided to build a village in Italianate style and did just that. 

Positioned in a very sheltered spot the gardens have palms and other tropical plants and as such one can imagine oneself to be anywhere but the UK.

As we walked down to the sea, Steve hastened his pace.  I was still admiring the rose beds but when I looked round he had reserved a table for us - the best in house; a solitary table on a balcony looking out to sea.
We ate a delicious lunch - probably one of the nicest meals we have ever eaten - was it the food, the scenery, the solitude, the company? Probably all of these things but it was one of our nicest meals ever.


We hope to return, one day. Who's to say we will? But we have happy  memories of a hot September afternoon when the sun shone and we wallowed in the moment.



  1. How perfect, Lynn.
    I do remember the programme!

  2. Oh such a wonderful surprise Lynn, your husband is very caring and thoughtful:) Loved the photos, I also remember watching the programme. Would love to visit one day but unfortunately when we go on holiday to the UK it's normally at Christmas time so we only have a few weeks to spend with family. Linda xx

  3. Portmeirion is lovely isn't it. I have been there for years but you've reminded me of it and I'd love to visit again. It's like nowhere else on earth I think. Wonderful.