Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Glitz and Glam

I am not a glitzy kinda girl. My wardrobe is minimal - I'll show you a pic soon - it is nigh on empty - lol!
I say it is minimal - but really it looks I've been burgled.

However no-one, but no-one, would choose to steal my clothes.

I own just one skirt - since the stroke-like flares started,  I like trousers as my one side goes weak and then it is difficult to sit with any dignity and I have horrors of sitting in a skirt, legs akimbo with bloomers on show, looking like Great Aunt Maud after a sherry too many!

So I wear trousers and the skirt languishes in my cupboard. I have got rid of my other skirts - but this one has a very flattering line and I seem reluctant to let it go.

For the above reason I have no dresses either.

So imagine my horror, surprise, delight, no I was right the first time; horror, when we were invited to a posh black tie do which my husband wanted to attend and felt he should attend as it was business linked.

When a lady whimpers "But I have nothing to wear!" She generally just means she'd like a new outfit to add to the many she already has. When I whimper "But I have nothing to wear!" I mean it.

So I had to go shopping. I chose wide legged black trousers, well actually, "Ladies evening trousers Modome" (the shop was very posh). This sparkly top...

It looks long but you wear it at hip level so that more of the fabric drapes.

I already had a sparkly shawl/wrap which is actually almost the same colour as the top but this wintry daylight plays havoc with camera colour.

I wore my usual party shoes as they are very very comfortable and I can dance in them :)

And then there was my evening bag which I must have had for 10 years but it has been used just twice.

 It is so pretty I keep it in the hall cupboard with the milk money in it as I can not bear to put it away!!

(Funny story about the bag. Milkman came for his money, I was too tired to go to the door so asked Steve to pay him saying, "His money is in my black bag in the hall cupboard."
 So he goes to the door saying "How much do we owe you, mate?" with bag in hand, fishing through the money inside it.
When the milkman had left. Steve came back into the living room, plonked himself back on the sofa next to me and whilst watching tv said, a bit absent mindedly, "That milkman gave me a bit of an odd look; not sure why."
"Well he doesn't often see six foot blokes go to the front door with their evening bags." I advised.
"Oh no!" Steve cringed.)

Well, the "do" was last night. I have never been to a black tie do before and was nervous I would be under-dressed. Steve looked very James Bond as did the other chaps and I fitted in nicely with the other ladies' attire. We had a lovely, lovely time.

Seems I enjoy dressing up after all and a bit of glitz and glam is to be savoured!


PS I enjoyed this even more as re-using stuff I already had and buying in the sales my entire outfit came to £68 !!


  1. Lynn, I bet you looked super. You can't go wrong with black trousers and a pretty top.

  2. FUN! I like your outfit! You are so funny! Burgled. LOL!

  3. Oh you should have a picture for us of you in all your glitz. I didn't think there was anyone else whose closet looked like the aftermath of a burglary. Hee Hee. Pretty pretty outfit and I'm glad you had a grand time.