Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Who says Christmas is just for the children?

I really, really hate it when people say that Christmas is really just for the children.

I suppose the Santa and present stuff and watching a child's excitement does make it seem  child orientated but, without going all religious on you, the true meaning of Christmas is for all of us to grasp and hold on to.

Christmas is for everyone.

We have no children living at home now and even if we did, well they are 6 foot tall, gorgeous, grown men not children :) But yesterday we still got out the Christmas tree, as we always have done on the first weekend of  December.

This was the first year I have been unable to help so I just sat on the sofa with my feet up and watched and laughed.... a lot.... as my husband was very entertaining; cheering me up.

As usual, we sat in the tree light eating breakfast this morning and it was a peaceful  start to the day :)

In church we were left with a huge question to ponder. "Instead of deciding what gift you want for Christmas, try to think what does God want for/of me this Christmas."

This question unnerves me somewhat; with all my health issues I do not feel I am fulfilling my potential as a Christian. 

Steve and I don't give each other gifts or cards at Christmas. For us Christmas and Boxing Day is for entertaining three generations of family. Then between Christmas and New Year, when our guests have gone home, we enjoy a few outings together and plan some us time watching films, going for walks, reading etc.

The "stuff" surrounding Christmas is a bit off-putting isn't it? 

I have tried to give gifts that are useful, pleasing but will not contribute to clutter mountains. 

We went though the Christmas decorations and threw away old and tatty stuff. We spent a little time de-cluttering the house too - Steve doing the hard work whilst I just sat on a nearby chair shouting "Keep" or "chuck" - lol!!

Sorry for my ramblings - it's good to "talk" - lol!


  1. You've got the right idea Lynn, simplicity with Christmas, and the focus on each other rather than self. Thanks for this great reminder! (I love your very pretty tree) love, Tina xxx

  2. Well said, good Lynn. It's not about presents at all. The glow of the tree and laughing with Steve . . . that's the good stuff.

  3. I like your idea of 'outings' and some fun time rather than gifts exchanged between you and your Steve. Sounds like a good plan for us as well :) Enjoy your pretty tree !