Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Some little girls (me!) never grow up.

In 1966 when I was aged 3 Father Christmas brought me a little carpet sweeper - not the electric type of Hoover toy with a silly suction pad rather than an electric plug; but a real man (woman) powered carpet sweeper. As you pushed it along the carpet , it made very efficient sweeping/brushing noises as it swiped any dust or fluff from my Mother's rugs. Two little collection boxes needed to be emptied and the lids made a satisfying "snap" as you closed the now empty boxes. Well, it was snap satisfaction for a busy 3 year old housewife :) but a bit scary should you forget to remove your fingers from the line of fire as it snapped shut.

After much happy use, the handle broke and I would spend almost as much time mending the handle as I did snapping the fluff lids shut. I was not a happy housewife.

So when I was 4 and my Mom asked what I would like for Christmas I said, and I kid you not, "A new handle for my sweeper and a packet of crisps". The former would place me back into efficient 4 year old housewife mode and the latter was sheer greed as I wanted a pack of "Walkers" to myself without having to share with my brother, which was the norm.

So you can imagine my sheer pleasure and delight when Christmas Day saw me with not only a whole  brand new sweeper but five new dolls from various family members. (Imagine as a grown up,  having quins and a new Dyson for Christmas - you would surely weep from exhaustion, if nothing else??!!) But I was only 4 and it was bliss.

I have experienced such bliss this Christmas. No you are alright, I didn't get a Dyson nor must you start a multiple bootee production line. No, my sons clubbed together &  I got a proper old fashioned phone and I am a bit ashamed to say that, perfectly acceptable though it is in such exciting circumstances, I did scream in delight.

This is her, Phyllis the 'phone.......

She is a dream in cream. You have to dial her rather then push buttons. She rings like a proper 'phone. I know because rather embarrassingly, I shouted to my boys, "Go on,  'phone me" and had a phone conversation with the person sitting next to me on the sofa!

I was given this beautiful surprise because apparently I have lamented, far too often, the demise of the vintage 'phone whose ring was charming and demure unlike the modern phones that screech and shatter all household peace. I think a "proper" home needs an unobtrusive ticking clock, a kettle that whistles and a 'phone whose tone says,"Excuse me, do you have time to answer this call?" rather than screeching, "Answer me, NOW!"

My mother laughed at my reaction and I said, " I feel like when  got my new sweeper and five dolls for Christmas!" And she just smiled and said, "You look like it too!".


Edited to add: I have just read this post to my husband and said, "I'm weird aren't I?" and he said, "Yes, but in a lovely kind of way!" Cheek - lol!


  1. This is one of the sweetest christmas posts I've read this year. I could feel your bliss at receiving your gifts as a wee little girl - and your phone - it is to die for. We had one just like it - when I was a teen ager. Your post makes me feel happy and warm inside - and you husband's remark is simply darling.

  2. I've just read this to my husband and yes, what a lovely story.

  3. I love this!!! I don't have an old fashioned phone, but I make my iphone ring like an old fashioned one.

  4. Ooooh, just like the one we used to have, how wonderful! I smiled when you said about the toy plug with a sucker on it, my toy iron had one, and I remember giving it a good lick before "plugging it in" to the skirting board, lol!! xxx