Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Friday evening in Bath

Yesterday afternoon Steve and I went to Bath to collect Alex and a car load of his belongings. He is home now until the new term - well apart from visits with friends and brothers :)

We decided to stay overnight and come back home today - so Steve didn't have to do the round trip all in one go.

We stayed at The Boathouse on the river and Alex joined us for supper. The food was lovely and so was the view......

As the evening progressed hot air ballons floated by - so relaxing to watch.

Steve had a flight in a hot air balloon for his 40th birthday with his father who was also celebrating a "big" birthday!

After the crazy crash landing it is understandable that Steve does not find watching balloons as restful as I do - lol - though he did say he enjoyed that day with his Dad.

Our room had a balcony - we watched canoists and rowers, ducks, hot air balloons, barges and para gliders.

After supper we sat here until dark drinking tea.

A lovely evening - and then this morning we went to Alex's student house and moved him out.

When he moves into his new house we are thinking of staying here again so that we can visit the last few places in Bath which we have not yet visited. This will be Alex's final year at university - where does time go?


  1. How time flies. Cant believe it. Alex a wee whipper snapper last time I saw him and now all grown up.x

  2. What a perfect place to stay Lynn, so calming.