Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

When normal is no more

I am learning that the new normal can still be good.

Steve went to work yesterday at 6am (business network breakfast). I used to get up when he went to work no matter what the hour. But lately I have not been able to get up at 6am. I can do the 8am start but not the 6am!

We had had a busy weekend so I didn't get up til 11am and my speech was slurred and stuttery - too much excitement, see!!!!

My friends 'phoned to see how I am and we talked and talked :)

I finally dressed at 2:30pm - disgusting or what! And at 2:45 Steve came home.

"We could go out," he said. "How do you feel?"

"Fine, let's go!"

So we went to the garden centre...

A new window sill plant to cheer me - it will then go in the garden when it's over. We also bought compost for me to plant seeds sometime.

We went to a pub which is on the top of a hill and sat and sipped and admired the view and nattered.

Normals may change but life is still good.


  1. It sounds lovely. We are finding more and more that life is what you make it. Little moments are better than big planned days.

  2. You are getting so good at resting when your body demands it. Yay Lynn!
    We are having a huge snow storm today! YIkes! Good news = SNOW DAY!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day, Lynn. You are doing what your body needs.