Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Thoughts on simplifying and shopping

I simplified greatly over Christmas.

I'd like to say that I did this purposefully and thoughtfully with intention, maintaining my strong simplicity ethics. But much of it was forced upon me. I knew that really I didn't feel well enough to do the all singing, all dancing Christmas I usually do; catering to every guest's taste & whim, so I downsized - big time - and do you know, no-one noticed. I had a lot of compliments regarding the simplified lunch menu.

More to the point, I felt all the better for it. My husband and sons are always great and help me a lot. But, by simplifying, we all had less to do. And those people we were serving didn't notice our simpler ways, or at least not as a bad thing :)

Knowing I could carry this off ok, during December I started looking at other stuff too - considering ways to simplify. One way was to make as many presents as possible. These too have been well received.

So I ask; do we really need to spend so much money and so much time in the shops?

More than ever this year I shall be shopping from home, using up what I already have, making stuff, and keeping money in my purse.

As I write all this, I realise that as I grow older, you know, I don't give a stuff what people think of me anymore - lol!! If they don't like homespun and homemade then they can donate my gift to a charity shop where I think it will be well received.

I will continue to invite folk home but it will be to eat simpler fayre but the welcome will still be as warm and there will still be lots of fun and laughter.

I have been re-reading favourite books from my bookshelf....

Both of these ladies are frugal. But they give freely and willingly and being frugal with them is happy and freeing; not seen as punishment.

But there is one thing I cannot give up - and that is a bunch of supermarket flowers now & then.

 I think simplifying one's life should be about getting rid of the stuff you no longer want to have or no longer want to do, or spend money on. It should bring a sigh of relief rather than the feeling that one is being punished!

For me it is a relief to stay out of the shops :)

Just my thoughts anyway :)


  1. I so agre about the flowers, Lynn. They lift the heart.

  2. Great post Lynn, I've always admired your ability to "shop" within your home. I'm also beginning to feel less bogged down by worrying about what others think of me, I'm letting that one go this year and it's very freeing indeed! xx

    1. Sadly Tina - I overspent on my stash - albeit sale prices - so now I am trying to make amends by using it all up :)

  3. Hi Lynn! I'm sure all your lovely "makes" were appreciated and cherished!