Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Maybe Jamie is ok, after all - but please don't treat me like a child.

Ok, I'm not sure I really, really like Jamie - he shouts a lot and campaigns a lot and I feel like I'm a little girl in the Headteacher's office.

Actually,  I can remember being sent to the HT's office when I was 7 because I hadn't eaten my rice pudding and prunes in the school canteen and the dinner lady dobbed me in!!! He told me off a lot and I felt guilty but I can also remember saying "I'm sorry but I can't promise I'll eat my rice pudding and prunes next time but I'll try, really I will." You see even then I couldn't make a promise that I knew I couldn't keep - lol!  Well I didn't manage to eat it but I wasn't sent to him again.

When Jamie is going off on one - I feel the same.

I can remember when he was going on about school meals and kids' lunch boxes.  Had he seen one of my son's lunch boxes he would have had a blue fit. One of my children failed to thrive due to health issues and the hospital dietician told me to avoid all low fat, low sugar options for that child. Calories was the name of the game, albeit healthy calories not just processed junk food.

BUT... I really enjoyed Jamie's 15 minute meals series and bought the book cos I found during every episode I was making copious notes. The book was so good I gave it to 2 of my sons and a third will get it as a house warming pressie.

So this week I tried two of the recipes and I have to say they are lovely; really really delicious.I adapted them - leaving out stuff we don't like.

Camembert parcels

camembert, chives, walnuts, lemon juice whizzed in the blender and wrapped in a sheet of filo, a smear of olive oil all over the parcel and dry fried. Yum served with homemade soup.

Sausage gnocchi

tear 2 chorizo style sausages with some of your  usual sausage - take the skin off first and just tear away the contents and dry fry. Add a glass of red wine and a tin of tomatoes. Add cooked gnocchi.

I served this with shredded cabbage with a fried mix of fried onion, bacon and walnuts. FAB!

Many more recipes from the book are available online.

I like the recipes because so many lovely salads are included and you can easily mix and match the salads and recipes. Also I have come up with some ideas of my own which also tasted great but were inspired by this book.

Still not sure I like Jamie though - I feel too old at 49 to be told off  when he's going off on one!!!!!!!



  1. I cannot stand him. In fact I have gone off the lot of them! I think its overload!

  2. I always feel I need to lie down in a darkened room when he has been on, much too much energy for me!

  3. You and Elizabethd are FUNNY!
    Did you really get into trouble because you wouldn't eat your rice pudding? I'd have eaten it for you.

    1. Hi Pom Pom - I'd have happily given it to you - and yes I did really get told off!

  4. I used to watch him on his show, The Naked Chef. He is very energetic that's for sure! lol I still make roast chicken the way he did on that show and it is very good!