Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello :)

Happy New Year ... again - it kinda comes round quite quickly, doesn't it?!

We had a happy New Year's Eve. I cooked us a lovely supper and Steve & I watched a film I have long wanted to see - Julie and Julia.

After midnight I lay in bed watching fireworks and lanterns sprinkling the night sky. The sky was a deep dark blue with occasional sketchy stark white clouds and looked beautiful.

As the final firework flamed, the last of the lanterns floated on and I felt my usual New Year peace and calm. A nice way to see the New Year in.

In answer to some of your questions, I am not sure yet how my simplifying will take shape.

I certainly have a lot of stuff to get rid of.

I don't want to simplify time commitments; if anything, I'd like to do more voluntary work.

I am going to try to make as many of my gifts and cards this year using what I have in the house; to save money and to downsize the stash. I tried this at Christmas and it went well. For instance, I bought no gift wrap or tags and improvised :)

I am going to empty my pantry stash too!

I will probably internet shop more to save my energy & money.

A few days before Christmas I saw yet another consultant who says more tests need to be done. I am in a lot of pain and he says I have arthritis in my hands and neck & possible kidney problems.  So there will be yet more hospital stuff. I MUST keep cheerful - I am hoping my crafting gifts and cards will help here. I think I finally have to accept that I am unlikely to return to work so this gift crafting will also save me money :)

Here are some links to good simplifying sites - if you know any more please share.

http://ournewlifeinthecountry.blogspot.co.uk/ (I love the challenges this lady sets).

I received this from a friend this Christmas....

It has been a lovely read. You know I love all things homey.

One article was about keeping house and says, "The mechanism of a house well kept should be silent and absolutely invisible. Really good housekeeping is neither seen nor heard. It is only deeply and gratefully felt." (No swearing as you clean the oven then?!!!!)

I thought this quote was lovely. I try not to be charging round (as if!!) with duster and vacuum when family are home. I like to sit and enjoy the fruits of my labours- family time in a clean(ish!) home. How I hope my health enables this to continue! And continue I shall tomorrow - when folks are back at work and I dive into the mountain of ironing and cleaning - lol!

Happy New Year - you so deserve it - especially if you have gotten through all my ramblings above!!



  1. Fab post, and thanks for the links! xx

  2. Sorry to hear that you have more tests to come.
    Wishing you a healthy and peaceful New Year.

  3. Happy New Year, I also have set myself some life changing challenges. Reading blogs like yours reassures me I'm not alone and not as crazy as I thought. I hope 2013 brings you good health and peace xx

  4. Letter in progress, do they have a craft market in town? Why not start getting stuff together for something like that? Or get a group of people together to set one up.
    Im with you all the way. I shall visit the links, I hope they are more cheerful about it than some I could mention.

    1. Hi Jill - yep - I've only gone for the cheery ones :)

  5. Happy New Year Lynn, let's hope those tests will sort out some of your health problems.
    Here's to a thrifty, more simple and crafty 2013.

    keep knitting, kim. x