Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Getting rid of stuff

During one of the  recent "I'm snowed in cos I'm rubbish at driving through the white stuff and I have nowhere to go to anyway" days, I decided to conquer another black hole round here - the cookery books in the kitchen.

I forgot to take a before pic but it was a mess. I found homes for the many items on the shelf that were not even books - lol! Then I cleaned the shelf and put the books back in an order that means something to me - ie all the Indian food books together, celebrity chef books together, frugal cooking together.

I was left with this...

... a  folder of recipes I've cut out of magazines but seldom used, books that I am unlikely to use again, and books which have just one recipe in that I use. I photocopied the odd recipe and then put the book in the charity crate in the garage. This rubbish pile took me an hour or two to go through.
I realised how much our tastes have changed. I also found notes on favourite recipes such as "this is yummy - I cooked it while Steve, Greg, Daley and Alex built the new gazebo" or "Alex helped me to cook this - tastes good" which kind of took me back a bit :) There was also a successful pastry recipe Alex had written out for me which he had cooked at school - it is written in a young boy's jottings in lurid green felt tip and will never be thrown away :)

I now have an organised shelf and one small wallet envelope of recipes to try and note down in a recipe collection book if I decide it's a keeper.

This is a small thing, I know but it has really cheered me - I feel like a lot of rubbish has been lifted from me as I used to cringe at the state of that shelf!

Other things chucked in the 365 Less Things challenge:
old gardening magazines
2 board games
bath spongey things which feel like a brillo pad!! - a gift I shall never use
old cleaning cloths and T towels
6 recipe books
old cleaning products
instruction manuals (I mean, how difficult is a hairdryer to use?)
and 2 ornaments which quite frankly, depress me.

Chucking stuff feels good. Knowing how much there is left to clear feels bad!!


  1. I have piles of craft magazines that I should really go through, if they were sorted out and some sent to recycling it would free up a lot of much needed space........well done Lynn, you have motivated me into a bit of de-cluttering. x

  2. Thank goodness for your motivational posts Lynn, perhaps I too will conquer Mount Clutter! :)

  3. Way to go, Lynn! Chuck away!

  4. I have a basketful of magazines that keeps spilling over onto the floor. I really need to go through it and you've inspired me today, Lynn! Good job!