Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Monday, 7 January 2013

365 Less Things

Hello :)

Over the holidays I perused minimalist blogs. I am a happy person and some of the frugal minimalist sites, well they are very sackcloth and ashes. I am sure you can downsize a life happily?

This site http://justa-littleless.blogspot.co.uk/ cheers me.

And I also like the idea of this...


I am basically fairly clutter free but clutter accumulates whatever and I thought that trying to free myself of clutter every single day would be a boost to my de-cluttering habits. You see I can de-clutter and then bloomin' eck a few months later and I have clutter again. But to look at clutter for just five minutes daily would help me a lot!  Edited to add: I won't just look at the clutter - I'll get rid of it - lol!! Really I will :)

So ........... today is 7th Jan - and thus far this year I have de-cluttered myself of the following.......

3 saved magazines (I tore out the pics I wanted - just 4) and I have decided to avoid mags from now on as there are plenty on line FREEEEEEEEEEE!!

3 pots from the pantry with just a smidgeon of something looking sad and kinda unhealthy looking!!

1 broken mug used to hold my dish cleaning brush.

Said dishwashing brush - BALD!!

1 dark brown frame that I had up in my kitchen but which frankly depressed me!!

I put the pics in the depressing frame into another frame - Ooooh happy!!!!!!!

Steve & I as kids. (Daisy is hiding a mark on the pic - lol)

So I shall be de-cluttering every day - ok most days in 2013 - do you want to join in?!!


  1. Well done! I do find that some of the extra-frugal declutter blogs can get very repetitive, and sometimes a bit 'pleased with themselves'!
    Going to have a look at the two you mentioned.

  2. My clutter gets as far as the garage. If its still there and I didnt miss it I then charity shop it. The week after that I desperately need what I have charity shopped. Aaaaaargh.

  3. Hi Lyn. Love the new frame - such a cute picture and the daisy looks just right. Thanks for the mention - I don't think minimalism should be grim either. Good luck with the daily decluttering - I'm still at it myself most days. Claire at Just a little less xo

    1. Thanks for passing by Claire - and thanks for inspiring me on your blog :)