Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Pause in Advent 3: Surely , we are all angel material?

Each Christmas I remember Christmases past - oh I sound like Scrooge - lol! I am very selective in my rememberings I only remember nice bits, good bits and happy bits :)

I have organised many nativities in my teachery days. I loved Christmas in school.

This week I thought about one particular nativity when initially my patience was put to the test but it all went ok in the end :)

As a staff, we were trying to decide which child should play which role in the nativity. Mary, Joseph, shepherds and kings were all amicably agreed upon. But the angels were, oh so, a different matter. There was a little girl who, I thought, would just love to be an angel. She was loud and vivacious, a wee bit plump, with a riot of unruly curls. She looked a bit like Crystal Tipps in the Crystal Tipps and Alistair kids' show....

Crystal Tipps and Alistair - Great Hair

.......Only with huge, huge glasses. Let's call her Chloe for the purposes of this blog post.

She was just 3 years old and, to my mind, had  life skills beyond her years. She remains maybe the kindest child I ever taught in school.  She was also very funny and consequently she was adored by both children and staff. Well maybe with one staff exception :)

So when  a rather posh teacher asked, "Who shall we have as angels?" I said straight away "Chloe". All the staff agreed instantly. But the posh teacher who was making the list of characters & corresponding children immediately said "No!" When I asked why she said, "Just think, a mop of unruly hair, she never stops talking and besides the costumes we have won't fit her." Several of us (none of us good at sewing) said that we would make her a costume, one kind person adding that the costumes were far too small anyway. "But she is simply NOT angel material!"  declared Mrs Posh Teacher. Thankfully at this point the headteacher pulled rank and said "Chloe will be a very good angel, who else can we have to join her?" And so we moved on.

Chloe was, of course, way beyond excited and relished every rehearsal; especially the dress rehearsal.

She wafted around in her floaty layers, flapping her angel wings, continuously checking her halo and smiling - all of the time!! She skipped and floated when she was supposed to skip and float and stood still and quiet when she was supposed to stand still and quiet. Indeed she was angelic.

Well, except for the bit where all were humbly gathered before the baby Jesus in his manger & then she shouted across the room to the deputy headteacher, in a bawl that could have wakened the dead  - "Ay, Mrs Brown, don't ya fink I look like Barbie in this frock?"

Mrs Brown nodded gently, "Yes you do!" The staff smiled (ok, laughed a bit) and Mrs Posh Teacher dramatically sighed and said, "As I said, simply NOT angel material, at all."

I can not agree, even now, some nine years later. Surely angels come in all shapes and sizes & we may have " entertained angels unawares" (Hebrews 13:2).


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  1. I love this story Lynn.......I worked with pre-school children for a while, and there is, in my mind, no other job more rewarding and such fun........children are so honest and unpretentious, and they always say the funniest things...........I'm so glad Chloe got to be an angel.
    Kim x

  2. I love it! Hooray for Chloe! She's a star! She's an angel! Oh, thank you for the children.

  3. Chloe is my kind of angel!
    Fab post, visiting from pause in Advent, today.

  4. Love the "entertain angels unawares." How very true.

  5. What a story! I'm so glad you chose Chloe for an angel. I'll bet she'll remember it for her whole life.

  6. Definitely the right sort of angel! A Barbie angel!

  7. Oh how lovely! I am so glad you saw her 'inner light'! Anyone can be an angel! When I was an (unwilling) angel (I was promised a sheep-role), aged 9-ish, I stood picking my nose through the nativity! Nice Gabriel, nice!

  8. Oh, I loved this story, Lynn! What a beautiful lesson here. God looks at the heart while we look at the outward appearance!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful story. I just loved it!

  10. That's a really wonderful story, on so many levels. A preconceived idea about what angels do/look like only harms US, not the angel, or anyone else who encounters him/her... Lots to think about. I do hope blogger is treating you better now. I had to swith to Firefox a few years ago to get Blogger to behave, but on my new computer I don't have the same problem.