Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

My thoughts this Thursday

We have torrential rain again today but I care not a jot as there is work indoors to be done :)

Someone I know who lives in a mighty grand house is moving and today I saw all the estate agent's pics of her house.

Now really, really I am not envious of the grandeur of her house - but......... boy do I need to tidy up my home real soon - like immediately - today!

My crafts have leaked into nearly every room.
My books have escaped to nearly every room.
My writing work (I have had a new magazine idea accepted!) lies strewn over the desk.
My journalling notebooks are everywhere.
My kids' crafts for Messy Church are messy.... in the dining room and conservatory.
My Knit and Natter resources and finished knitted items from all the ladies are taking over the house
My study books and notes are littering the house.

You notice it's all  my stuff? And  it does feel like it's stuffing my head with chaos.

Then there are all the homemade cushions and  throws and crafted bits and bobs which decorate the house.  Is my house homey and cosy as I thought or just plain cluttered? (Have you guessed the lady I talk of above is very minimalist - lol!)

So I have decided all my craft stuff must go into my already busting at the seams craft room and then for the rest of June and July I am blitzing this house - de-cluttering and cleaning BIG time :)

Now I'll just go have a sit down and a cup of tea and knit a few rows - I've tired myself out just thinking about all this housework!

Happy Thursday.



  1. I think the planning of such a big undertaking is deserving of an afternoon of knitting/crochet and sofa reclining.................best of luck with your de-cluttering/cleaning mission Lynn........I may well join you!
    lily x

  2. Real estate agents always tell sellers to clear and clean. Your house is homey and that's what we like, right? I have my stuff strewn all about the house, too! Creative minds like to see their materials.
    Congrats on the magazine article, good writer! Yahoo!
    Your knitting is beautiful! You are working with the colors of the sky! Brilliant!

  3. That really made me laugh! You will have to tell me who your friend is. Its true what Pom pom said, a friend here had to do the same and is most disgruntled as she no longer feels at home. Sometimes I do the same, minimalising, and it dont take long for it to return, but on the plus side I usually find something I have been looking for for ages!