Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hello!  Did you have a good Jubilee weekend? Hope so.

One morning over the weekend I was wandering round the garden deciding on my next project when I saw something moving a little by my feet. A baby blue tit had just flown the nest and was staggering quite exhausted on the grass.

        Note the different lengths of grass - lol - rained had stopped play and mowing the previous day!

Steve & I sat & watched the mother bird flitting from the bird to the nest where she still had a babe to feed.

Then we heard more baby squeaking..............

So now the mother had two birds in the grass and one in the nest and frantically raced between the two. Steve and I sat on look-out for next door's cat.

Then baby number 3 plopped out of the nest - here he is not even able to stand on his little legs and so just plonked on his belly!

Meanwhile the two in the grass, out of the nest for maybe 30 minutes, were not only hopping about quite happily but having a few goes at flying - maybe four flaps then flopping exhausted to the ground.

Number 3 started tottering around.

                                      And finally tried a flap or two of his wings, before he joined number 1 & 2 who were now eating lunch in the choisya bush.

So Mum now had all three relatively safe so we came into our own nest for a cuppa :)



  1. LOVE this! It is just getting light here and the birds are squawking! They are such noisy alarm clocks!
    Your bird family is delightful! Those mama birds know just how to parent, don't they? I'm glad you were on the look out for the neighbor's cat!
    Thank you for sharing your Jubilee photos with us! I watched the festivities online. I do so like the queen.
    Your grass looks different than ours. It must be island grass! Pretty!
    Sending BIG love your way, Lynn!

  2. Hi Pom Pom - our grass is all weeds - that's why it looks different :)

  3. Those photographs are truly amazing, well done. You should send them to the RSPB. Or someone as they are BRILLIANT.