Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street

Every day is a beautiful day if you walk on the sunny side of the street
Summer days will surely return.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Hello........ long time, no see!

I have now completed three weeks of my new job and I am loving it!!!!!

The hours are cruel - 63 hours in week one, 53 in week two and  50 in week three but somehow I seem to manage.  Friday is a lovely day as I know a restful weekend is in sight!

The staff are lovely, the children are funny and my husband has been so helpful with all the new computer stuff I must learn. He also makes my breakfast each morning, de-ices my car windscreen and helps with the household chores.

We have also found a brilliant cleaner who looks after us well.

This is a temporary post until November. I shall miss the hustle and bustle. I hope I find more work.

This is so so difficult. I feel challenged, stretched and way out of my comfort zone. But I am happy and life is good.

Hope you are all well.

Have missed talking with you.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

I didn't even wish you a Merry Christmas....

.... and now it's time to say Happy New Year!

I have been gone awhile and now I come back to see your lovely comments and some new visitors too - welcome one and all and thank you.

Hope you are all well and enjoyed a peaceful Christmas.

On THE day Steve went to fetch our mothers and I  shoved the turkey in the oven -  came back an hour later and it was still as raw as when I had put it in!!!! The oven had been playing up and I had an engineer out just two days before Christmas. After mending it he said to start things off on a lower heat just to be sure that I didn't burn anything now that the oven had a new fan motor. So there I was with a raw bird (that doesn't sound right does it?!) wondering whether the oven was still broken or just on too low.

Now in past years I would have had a major panic attack cum hissy fit - lol - but I have mellowed methinks. I just thought "Well we have loads of veg and sausages wrapped in bacon and there are people in the world starving, so who cares about the turkey?" So I gave the turkey a sound talking to, shoved it back in the oven, turned the heat up and poured a HUGE glass of the naughty water. I went to get myself dolled up, sipping wine and gave it not another thought. Half an hour later (dolling up these days is a short affair) when I checked, the bird and the oven were both behaving and all was fine! So the turkey got cooked and lunch was only a little late. Phew.

And here is my other little turkey - much better behaved....

Steve went in the living room  to the Moms with this on asking if they knew how to stuff a turkey - they roared with laughter. Which is good - Christmas can be a sad time, can't it? And a little laugh can help things along.

Rudolph came to town - well my kitchen notice board - thanks to our resident artist!

I was grateful for the happy times we shared over board games this Christmas and the time spent just sitting & chatting. The quiet in betweeny time has been busier than usual as Steve had to work and I have had yet more school work to prepare.

And now we face a period of change - I am returning to full time work after a 7 year break. Alex has found a job in Bath and will leave home on Saturday. And our eldest son is in the throes of buying his first house. 

Like I said in the last post - endings and beginnings - and so it goes on.

Happy New Year lovely people. 
May you be happy and healthy.
God bless.

When it rains look for rainbows, when it's dark look for stars.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Endings and Beginnings

Last month I packed up 14 boxes for the Link to Hope charity - filled with knitted goodies and treats from the charity knit and natter group I set up 3 years ago.

We also sent several bin bags full of warm hand knitted clothes, scarves, hats and mittens and crochet blankets and loads of donated reading spectacles.

I then took a sackful of clothes which had been knitted for sale in the Cancer Research shop and two huge sackfuls of premature baby clothes for the local Special Care Baby Unit.

And then I handed over the reins of the club to another member.

I was so sad to do this. I have led the group and had such fun doing so. At our Christmas meal they gave me a bouquet, a lovely card and a voucher for Marks and Spencer. I felt really guilty - they said I had done a lot for them but really I had done much of it for myself - to keep myself busy in rather grim times. I cried at their generosity and kindness - they cried too!!

And now with a return to health (following a massive change/addition to my medication) I shall return to work and so must give up all my voluntary work.

I have been going into school 3 times a week this half term and now have learnt all the children's names, most of their little foibles and funny ways, and have thoroughly enjoyed my little self. Most of my planning for next term is in place and much of my resources made. The freezer is full of home-made ready meals and I am ready to start - GULP!!

So some stuff ends and some stuff starts - the way of the world, I suppose.

Monday, 24 November 2014

November came and has nearly gone!

November has been a bit of a busy blur! Busy but happy.

Several hospital appointments - all good - my consultant is thrilled I am well enough to want to be in work again. I am thrilled too!

I have had two training days for my new job and go into school three times a week to get to know the children. The rest of the time I seem to spend on teacher paperwork - getting to know this new school's systems. I have also done a lot of  "BIG" jobs in the house that I want to get done before term starts when homey time will be limited. Yesterday we had the glorious BIG job of getting rid of some mouldy areas in the ensuite bathroom, tackling the cause of the damp and then painting  - lovely! ??

I always think that teachers can be totally obsessed with teaching to the neglect of relaxing time and hobbies. I have resolved to carry on crafting and going on our weekly walk.

So on the crafting front I have one completed blanket. This is HUGE - big enough to go on our king size bed. But now it is done I am not sure about the colours (too much navy?)so it may be off to someone in Eastern Europe care of the Link to Hope charity.

Now the next blanket I really really like and this will be a keeper....

Started last week it is still teeny tiny - more of a scarf than a blanket!

A close up of the  blurry blues.....

And in an attempt to be better organised another bag has been made. 

Hope everyone is hale and hearty.
First frost this morning - keep warm!
 As always, much love.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Making something every day

During the Summer I found several lovely "new to me" blogs. One is Three stories high. This lady is so so clever; Jo aims to make something every day. Of course some things take longer than just one day but she works on creative stuff each day. I love this blog. I expect I am late to the party, again! - and that you already read Three Stories High. I  like the fact that Jo is very thrifty and uses what she has or has been given. Even those tiny scraps of left over wool from a project are transformed into flowers etc.

Jo works outside the home and has a family to raise - she made me realise that I can still be creative even when I do go back to work in Jan. 

One project I finally got round to was a drawstring bag...............................

I have been crafting most evenings and a lot is getting done!


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Do you like Autumn?

There has been a lot of blog  talk of late about the changing season. It seems that Autumn is like Marmite - you either love it or you hate it. Or maybe only those with strong views either way comment!

I am ok with Autumn. I am ok with all the seasons as there is something lovely to be found in each. 

The seasons will change regardless of whether I whine or whinge so I am just going to find something lovely in them all! I decided on this when I was a teenager waiting for the school bus in all weathers!

Whilst I am sad that my Summer flowers are going over there is still a lot of colour in the garden. As plentiful Summer borders empty I am beginning to see the bare bones of the garden and can see which plants need to be moved, pruned or divided. 

I spend a little time each day pondering and planning.

I wandered around my garden on Sunday.........

I even found a few tomatoes on a very bedraggled plant in the greenhouse. 

I am lucky to have a garden - it brings me colour and hope and something to look forward to, whatever the season.


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Autumn evenings

The evenings are cold and dark but the crochet blanket grew enough to keep me 
warm as I worked.

This blanket  will be sent along with the Christmas shoe boxes to Link to Hope.

After three years of crafting mainly for charity I think this will be my last charity make for a while. I would like to return to some projects I started for myself ages ago. These projects were left unfinished when I set up the charity knit 'n' natter group.

It was cold enough to have our fire lit the other evening - all very snug and cosy.

Hope you are all well.


"For me, there's nothing better than curling up in my favorite blanket on a cloudy or rainy day and just knit. Especially in front of the fireplace."